This Colossal Vacuum Tube Personal computer Performs A Signify Match Of Pong

It doesn’t occur generally that we report on new vacuum tube dependent laptop layouts. Currently on the other hand, we’re happy to introduce to you the Fast Responsible Electronic Digital Dot Computer system, or Fred.Computer for small. It’s the brainchild of [Mike] who also brought us ENA, which we featured previously.

Fred is a new style and design that reuses the sections that designed up ENA. It has an 8-little bit CPU, 16 bytes of RAM, 256 bytes of NVRAM, and runs at a clock velocity of 11.3 kHz. With its 560 tubes drawing a complete provide latest of about 200 A it also provides a truthful little bit of heating to [Mike]’s analyze. The principal logic is implemented through NOR gates, crafted from 6N3P twin-triode tubes sourced from Japanese Europe. These NOR gates are mixed into much more advanced constructions like latches, registers and even a total ALU. A whole of sixteen device code directions can be employed to write packages clever design and style lets Fred to carry out 16, 32 or even 64-little bit calculations with its 8-bit ALU.

Require some RAM? There is sixteen bytes correct here.

An fascinating addition is a new RAM style and design based mostly on reed relays. [Mike] realised that relays are really extremely related to digital transmission gates and can hence be applied to make a easy static RAM cell. If you imagined relays ended up far too slow for RAM cells, assume once more: these reed relays can toggle at a thoughts-boggling 700 Hz, making them extra than rapidly plenty of for Fred.

The major I/O system is a console that incorporates numerous pushbuttons as perfectly as a 12 x 8 LED screen. All of this helps make Fred a totally-functional general-intent personal computer which is even capable of taking part in Pong (movie, embedded under). [Mike]’s site is whole of fascinating element on all elements of vacuum tube laptop design and style, and helps make pleasant examining for anyone tempted by the idea of constructing their have.

Simply cannot get more than enough of vacuum tube computer systems? Have a look at this 1-little bit MC14500 implementation, marvel at this modern day interpretation of an adding device, or obtain out how IBM made its logic in the 1950s. out?v=pruQAxY9yTI


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