Retro computing museum in Ukraine wrecked by Russian bomb

A privately owned selection of a lot more than 500 items of retro computer system and know-how background has been destroyed by a Russian bomb in the city of Mariupol. The war in Ukraine is a tragedy on so quite a few stages, but even though it in no way matches up to the senseless using of lives by the invading Russian forces, the destruction of the Mariupol Computer Museum is however saddening. 

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The destruction was highlighted by Mark Howlett on Twitter, and confirmed by the Ukrainian Application and Computer Museum account, which operates museums in Kharkiv and Kyiv. The proprietor of the Mariupul assortment, Dmitry Cherepanov, is reportedly safe and sound, however his selection of computer systems, consoles, and assorted tech from fifty many years of computing has been wiped out. 

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