Personal computer Factor Could Be Rubbish

Personal computer Factor Could Be Rubbish

[Tech Time Traveller] has a large amount of voices in his head this week, and most of them are concerned about his wife’s response to him shopping for other people’s rubbish. We really do not blame him, even though. He acquired it from an estate sale and it was billed as a Tv set typewriter. The machine looked absolutely homebrewed from someplace close to the late 1970s to the early 1980s. It contains a mess of parts clearly hand-constructed in a mix of neat design and messy wiring.

[Tech] videos most of his checks and exploration to get the detail doing the job and analyzed. Given its age and development, it labored incredibly properly, although it did just take a minimal work to get it again to entire purpose. In simple fact, he bought the system a few several years back and is last but not least getting all around to ending the task and putting with each other the video.

The terminal had a incredibly odd Molex connector with a lacking pin that matched the SWTP 6800’s serial port. A minor investigation revealed that the similar estate sale had offered a 6800-centered personal computer, way too. The keyboard alone was really some thing you could buy at Radio Shack for a whilst. We ponder how a lot of of them acquired made use of and how several just sat on cabinets until they were being junked.

You have to ponder what the story is behind this machine and the matching personal computer. It took a wonderful offer of skill to construct one thing like this back again in the day. These days, you could conveniently do something like this using off-the-shelf stuff. You have to surprise if anything you are developing right now will be on the up coming generation’s edition of YouTube in the year 2070. In all probability not.

Television typewriters ended up definitely a matter, released by a famous e-book by [Don Lancaster]. When you seem at all the circuitry essential, it is amazing to feel you can now match a complete pc inside one thing like this.

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